“As a father I was unsure of our chances of success in my gaining full custody of my son. I believed that it was common practice for the child to stay with their mother. His mother had made it increasingly difficult to see him and constantly broke court orders which stated that I was to have contact. Margaret worked tirelessly to ensure that I got to see my son and I was eventually granted full custody. This decision was ratified in the high court. Whilst Margret worked on my behalf she was a great support and always saw the situation with a legal clarity something which I found often got clouded when you yourself are so emotionally involved with the situation.”

Margaret is highly regarded within her field of law and is an extremely successful solicitor who takes a pragmatic but empathetic approach to all matters relating to divorce ensuring that her clients receive the best service possible during one of the most emotionally difficult times for them and their family.

Too often children are the innocent causalities of a divorce. Children are pulled often unwittingly into a changing home environment and may be witness to the hostility between their parents. Margaret ensures that child issues are paramount in resolution so that further issues between parties can proceed without unnecessary detriment to the children involved.

One of the most difficult issues involved in divorce is the division of finance. If parties cannot agree then Margaret's extensive experience of all types of financial cases in the matrimonial courts can help. Her knowledge of how a judge is likely to rule in cases concerning financial division is essential in advising a client and ensures that her advice is appropriate, saving both parties emotional and financial expense.