“When we had children we decided that the wages and pension provided by my wife’s job were needed more than mine so I opted to stay at home and look after the kids and I suppose become a house husband…. A bit of a role reversal! My wife had an affair and left the family home. I had no income and after 15yrs out of the job market effectively no future career to support myself and the kids. All I can say is Margaret was fantastic and we resolved all the financial issues through the courts. I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone who is in a similar situation.“

As I am a sole practitioner I do not do any free consultations but I am prepared to vary my normal charging rate in appropriate circumstances for an initial consultation.

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. I am happy to arrange instalment payments for fees. I invoice on a monthly basis which I find assists clients with their budgeting and unless other arrangements have been made invoices are expected to be settled within 14 days of receipt.

At the initial consultation I shall be in a position to give you some indication of the likely costs that will be involved dependent upon the instructions I receive.